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Apprenticeship Teachers Bio's

Certified Welding Inspector: Robert Byers

Robert began his Ironworking career in 1998, after being taken in by the Ironworkers Robert admirably began to excel at his craft and showed signs of leadership qualities. During his career Robert has held various titles, from Vice President to Executive board member.


Robert used his vast knowledge and understanding of his trade to his advantage and advanced his career in many ways, from foreman at I/N TEK to Superintendent at D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant. It is with this combination of skills that Robert became the CWI at local 292, and has chosen to share his knowledge with future members and strives towards making this local better and more prosperous. 

These are the skill we as a local look to add to and encourage the future generation to expand on during their four year apprenticeship. 

Rigging Instructor: Michael Leed


Michael Leed comes with a pure bread pedigree. A regular legacy, father and uncle, grandfather, great uncle, brother and sister, all proud members of Local 292. Being a legacy was not enough for Michael, he needed to make his mark. A path he still continues to carve, carved with hard work and dedication. Not satisfied with being one of the best connector’s in the local. Michael chose, to hone his craft and become proficient in all aspects of his craft. This drive and dedication did not go unnoticed. Michael’s skill set caught the attention of one of the largest machinery moving company’s in the Local.

With his patience and production, Michael has chosen to share and pass down his vast knowledge to the younger, eager generation, and hopes to bring the pride and respect to the trade the youth is yearning for.

Structural Instructor: Gregory Roesener

Gregory began his Ironworking Journey in the spring of 1994, he came in with strong references and proved to be an even stronger hand. Gregory’s work ethic and understanding of structural blueprints set him apart from his peers. His eagerness to learn and his dedication proved invaluable to Local 292’s largest structural contractor (CISCO). With the experience and knowledge Gregory gained in South Bend, he was able to take his talents on the road and further expand on his knowledge of the trade. Working and running work on structural jobs in Local 433 (Las Vegas) and earning a spot on the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium, Miller Park.

Gregory was not satisfied with only structural work and decided to travel to Local 79 (Norfolk, VA) to work in the riggers shipyard. Upon returning to his home Local 292, Gregory choose to help mold the next generation of Ironworkers and hopes to help secure the Ironworkers place in the future.